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AEA Ribbon mics - Lenšu mikrofoni un preampi

Kvalitatīvi lenšu mikrofoni un preampi, kas atspoguļo jūsu skaņu tā, kā jūs to dzirdat.

Iegādājoties AEA mikrofonu, jūs savienojaties ar pasaules izcīlāko lenšu mikrofonu lepno vēsturi un aizraujošo nākotni. Visu AEA produktu pamatā ir solījums piedāvāt radošus instrumentus ar visaugstāko iespējamo kvalitāti un meistarību, solījums, kas mantots no AEA priekšgājēja RCA. AEA komandas mērķis ir taisīt lenšu mikrofonus, kas autentiski uztver skaņu, kuru cienītu mūsdienu mūziķi un inženieri - godīgo skaņu. Izgatavoti no visaugstākās kvalitātes komponentiem Amerikā, AEA mikrofoni un preampi atbilst mākslinieku daudzveidīgajām vajadzībām praktiski jebkurā studijā un dzīvās skaņas vidē.

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While we love our sizable collection of vintage ribbon #mics, we also rely heavily on a few modern standard-bearers like this AEA (ribbonmics) #R88 #stereo ribbon. . The R88 is a stereo microphone that’s designed to perform very similarly to a pair of RCA 44BX in #Blumlein configuration, and it is truly outstanding. It’s the MVP of many sessions here! . One of the unique advantages of ribbons as a #microphone technology is that the ribbon element can be tensioned with a very low self-resonance, away from #audio frequencies of interest. . The ribbons in the R88, for example, are tensioned at a precise 16.5 Hz—below the lower limit of human hearing. Condensers and moving-coil dynamics almost always require much higher self-resonances, which can influence the mic’s performance. . A good ribbon renders transients and midrange in a very natural and effortless way, and the low tuning is a big part of why. There are no in-band resonances to clutter things up. . We love the R88 on string ensemble, background vocal ensemble (with the vocal group positioned in a ring around the #microphone), drum overhead, and acoustic grand piano—provided you take care with positioning the mic’s inherent phase zones. . Really, anywhere you’d use a stereo pair of RCA 44s, you will love this mic (and benefit from the holographic imaging of its perfect coincident-stereo array). . There is really something about this #mic that brings with it a “right there in the room” sensation. It’s truly something to experience firsthand. . . . . . #aearibbonmics #ribbonmic #ribbonmics #wesdooley #microphone #stereomic #stereomicrophone #blumleinpair #blumlein #alanblumlein #recording #studiogear #recordinggear #bunkerstudio #musicproducer #studiorecording