msonic Baltic Latvia Iekārtas un labi padomi jūsu studijai
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Another beautiful shot from Jose Diogo Neves of our V1S+LOLLI matched pair multi-capsule pencil condenser system. "I'll be heading to Tartu again in the coming weeks. Starting already this weekend! I'll be recording 3 different projects: Kelly’s Puzzle, Nagy Bögö & Mandotrio! These two V1S+Lolli’s are coming with me and shall be heavily used in these sessions! Exciting times!" --- The V1S+LOLLI stereo kit comes with 10 capsules, including our acclaimed V34C "LOLLI" multi-pattern large-diaphragm attachment, shockmounts, a stereo bar, and all the trimmings you need to track almost anything with one kit. You guys cleaned us out of the first production run in less than a month, but we're getting the final parts to build more of them in starting on the 20th. Pre-order yours today to save your place in line! -DEREK

msonic Baltic

msonic Baltic specializējas tikai labāko ražotāju un topa zīmolu aprīkojuma izplatīšanā. No mikrofoniem līdz skaļruņiem, un viss, kas ir starp tiem.