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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

One mic recording / AEA R88 Ribbon "Hear the Sound" by San Geronimo

On March 20th, 2016 I entered a studio and did something I have never done before as a recording engineer. I attempted to record a band with one stereo microphone. This technique puts a lot of pressure on the band to not only perform well but balance themselves as you would during the mixing process. A lot of time is spent arranging the players in the room, adjusting their levels and getting them comfortable with their mix. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it could be done with electric guitars and drums - but it worked great. Thank you San Geronimo for putting up with me and bringing their A game to the session. Thank you 25th Street Recording and AEA Ribbon Mics for supplying me the room and microphone. Thank you Scott Bergstrom for giving me a hand on the session. "Hear the Sound" was written by Jeremy D'Antonio ©2016 Sorry for the video, it's just my iPhone. - John Cuniberti / engineer

While we love our sizable collection of vintage ribbon #mics, we also rely heavily on a few modern standard-bearers like this AEA (ribbonmics) #R88 #stereo ribbon. . The R88 is a stereo microphone that’s designed to perform very similarly to a pair of RCA 44BX in #Blumlein configuration, and it is truly outstanding. It’s the MVP of many sessions here! . One of the unique advantages of ribbons as a #microphone technology is that the ribbon element can be tensioned with a very low self-resonance, away from #audio frequencies of interest. . The ribbons in the R88, for example, are tensioned at a precise 16.5 Hz—below the lower limit of human hearing. Condensers and moving-coil dynamics almost always require much higher self-resonances, which can influence the mic’s performance. . A good ribbon renders transients and midrange in a very natural and effortless way, and the low tuning is a big part of why. There are no in-band resonances to clutter things up. . We love the R88 on string ensemble, background vocal ensemble (with the vocal group positioned in a ring around the #microphone), drum overhead, and acoustic grand piano—provided you take care with positioning the mic’s inherent phase zones. . Really, anywhere you’d use a stereo pair of RCA 44s, you will love this mic (and benefit from the holographic imaging of its perfect coincident-stereo array). . There is really something about this #mic that brings with it a “right there in the room” sensation. It’s truly something to experience firsthand. . . . . . #aearibbonmics #ribbonmic #ribbonmics #wesdooley #microphone #stereomic #stereomicrophone #blumleinpair #blumlein #alanblumlein #recording #studiogear #recordinggear #bunkerstudio #musicproducer #studiorecording