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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Introducing the United UT FET47

A classic reborn: The UT FET47 represents several years of R&D, blood, sweat, and tears — all to capture the essence of one of the most beloved and classic solid state condenser microphones, and recreate it for the modern recordist. The UT FET47’s design started with a custom Cinemag transformer for an unparrelled response, warmth, and low-end. This is topped off with a custom Heisermann HZ-series capsule, created as a joint venture between United and Heisermann. But we didn’t stop there — we sought out vintage polystyrene capacitors and FETs just to get the right sound. Get your FET on, with the United UT FET47. It’s not just another mic — it’s a United. Learn more at

United Studio Technologies present the UT FET47 at AES 2019 - a clone of the Neumann FET47. The mic is hand-built in the USA, featuring a Cinemag custom-wound output transformer and a HZ-series K47 German-style capsule, developed together with Heiserman. . Price is going to be $799 USD (!). We have to wait till end of January 2020 for the mic to ship - and we yet have to hear the mic - but overall it sounds very promising. More info at . . #UnitedStudioTechnologies #FET47 #UTFET47 #U47FET #microphone #audioProduction #geartalk #homestudio#mixEngineer #mixing #musicproducer #musicproduction #musicstudio #proaudio #recording #recordingstudio#soundEngineer #studio #studioflow #studiolife #studiovibes #TheGearWeLove